Andiamo a Roma!

Published 2015-03-17 by Jochen Lillich

In just a few days, the freistil IT team will again be packing their bags for our next company retreat, the freistil Days Spring 2015 . Next Monday, we’ll all meet in Rome!

5 months after our first freistil Days in Barcelona, it’s again time to meet in person and spend a few days at the same place. And after last time’s success, we’re pretty excited what we’ll learn this time living and working together!

We’re going to use this opportunity to focus for a full week on our most important projects. Of course, freistil Days are not only about work, and taking a few strolls around the Eternal City will certainly spark our team spirit and creativity. We’ve also made sure to reserve time for daily business during each day, so there’s no need for our customers to worry about being able to reach us. We might answer support requests a little bit slower than usual (and we apologise in advance) but we’ll make an effort to be as responsive as possible.

We’re going to update our Twitter account regularly (for real this time…), so keep an eye on @freistil next week!