freistilbox now supports PHP 7.3

Published 2019-05-27 by Jochen Lillich

(Finally) PHP 7.3 (and 7.2 for that matter) is now available on freistilbox.

Customers can go to their cluster on the freistilbox dashboard and create a new website using PHP 7.3 right away.

There are two important changes coming with the new versions:

  1. PHP has removed support for the mcrypt extension since PHP 7.2 because it’s been unmaintained for several years. If you haven’t you should switch to another library providing encryption support — we recommend and provide libsodium.
  2. From PHP 7.2 on we now use the memcached extension instead of memcache. Only one letter in the name, but a difference of years in terms of maintenance. If you are using Drupal’s memcache module you shouldn’t notice any difference, it supports both!

We are happy that we are back on track with PHP version support again and are going to add more choices soon!

Please note that PHP 7.1 will be available on freistilbox until 2019–12–01, so make sure to upgrade your websites in time!