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Final preparations for DrupalCon Vienna are underway, and of course freistilbox is going to take part in Europe’s biggest Drupal conference!


20 Sep 2017

After a number of scandals related to dodgy SSL certificates, Google decided in March 2017 to take measures against Symantec and its brands Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL. Google’s initial proposal included many limitations, for example removing ‘trust’ in existing Symantec certificates from the Chrome browser, showing Symantec EV certificates as domain validation certificates without a company name and green address bar, and limiting certificate validity to 9 months. After long discussions on the Chrome mailing list, a new proposal defined revised, less disruptive measures. Still, Google states that starting 31 August 2017, Chrome may gradually begin mistrusting Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL branded certificates that were issued before 1 June 2016.


25 Jul 2017

Every month, the websites of our managed hosting customers deliver many terabytes of content. That’s why it’s important for us to have high-performance connections to as many global networks as possible.


04 Jul 2017

There is a lot of unmet demand in European Drupal businesses, especially in SMEs, for better support with growing their customer base and entering new markets. This is my main takeaway from the recent European Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt.


08 Jun 2017

Next week, the Radisson Blu hotel in Frankfurt will be the venue for the European Drupal Business Days. We’ve been the go-to hosting experts for European Drupal shops for more than seven years now, so of course freistilbox will be there, too!


12 May 2017

Still on the fence if you’re going to DrupalCon Baltimore? This might be your chance of getting in free of charge!

Since I had already bought my DrupalCon ticket when my talk “Captaining a container ship: Docker orchestration with Kontena” got accepted, we’ve got a spare DrupalCon ticket. Community is an important part of our company culture, so I thought: What better way is there than to make the day of a fellow Drupal community member by giving them a free DrupalCon ticket?

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow @freistilbox on Twitter
  2. Click the following link to send us a tweet that completes the sentence:

I’d like the #DrupalConNA ticket from @freistilbox Drupal hosting because…

We’ll pick the winner randomly from all our followers who sent us the tweet above before Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 0:00 GMT.

No purchase is necessary to take part in the giveaway. The ticket may not be resold or transferred.

There’s not much time, so send us your best tweet right now!


07 Apr 2017

If you’ve sent us a support request in recent weeks, there’s a high probability that you got in contact with Simon, the newest member of our web operations team. He joined us in December 2016 and has already contributed an impressive level of work. Over on our company blog, we’ve just posted an interview with Simon in which he shares his professional background and what attracted him to the freistil way of “Hosting by Humans”. His description of our company culture makes us really proud!

I’m sure he’d love it to get a shout out from you, so go and say Hello!


03 Apr 2017

After a new team member has been with us for a while, we do an interview about their background, their motivation to join freistil and their first impressions.


30 Mar 2017

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