Join us at DrupalCamp Limerick!

Published 2016-04-26 by Jochen Lillich

Since DrupalCon is going to come to Dublin in fall, the Irish Drupal community has decided to move its main DrupalCamp out of the capital this year. Thanks to the generous offer of Johnson & Johnson to host the event, we’re going to meet at DrupalCamp Limerick on May 13 and 14.

DrupalCamp Limerick will take place at the IDC on the University of Limerick campus. We will focus on developing with Drupal, bringing together developers, themers, end users and everybody interested in learning more about this powerful and flexible framework backed by one of the world’s most innovative open source communities.

In case studies, everyone interested in Drupal can learn about of real-life examples of using the CMS. You’re welcome to bring your own questions and get them answered by the community. In small-group discussions, we’ll tackle the topics that you’re interested in. And of course, we’re going to visit a few of Limerick’s great pubs to end the day with even more great craic.

That should be enough reasons to come to Limerick in May, don’t you think? So don’t wait, go right to the DrupalCamp Limerick website and register!