In the sign of the raven: freistilbox at DrupalCon Baltimore

Published 2017-03-29 by Jochen Lillich

For the first time in our company history, freistilbox will be represented at a North-American DrupalCon! In only a few weeks, I’m going to board my flight to Baltimore. Not only will it be my first DrupalCon outside Europe, it’s actually my very first trip to the United States. I’m so excited!

Would you like a first-hand introduction to our managed web application platform and our “Hosting by Humans” strategy that ensures your Drupal hosting is a full success? Get in touch — there’ll be plenty of opportunity to grab a coffee (or a beer) and talk DevOps!

Speaking of DevOps: I’m proud that I’ve been invited to give a talk about Kontena, the Open Source Docker orchestration platform that allows us to easily and securely manage a huge number of interconnected containers. Kontena is so simple to set up that it’s the perfect tool for web development teams. Drop by room 310 on Tuesday at 12:00 and I’ll teach you how to set up a Drupal cluster on any infrastructure in less than 30 minutes!

Going to DrupalCon Baltimore, too? I’d love to hang out, so give me a shout!