DrupalCONCEPT goes to Austria

Published 2012-05-02 by Jochen Lillich

I just hopped on the train to Vienna where I’ll participate in the Drupal Business Days conference from Thursday to Saturday. I’m taking the night train, so I’ll reach Vienna in the early morning hours. Markus will follow tomorrow, because he’s still busy with client work. Additionally, that way, we make sure that there’s at all times someone on the team with decent internet connectivity should some server hiccup.

All previous Drupal business events I’ve visited so far this year were great successes, overall and for freistil IT in particular. Both in Amsterdam and in Rome, I’ve met great people, had inspiring talks and learned new things that helped us improve. In return, we decided to become Gold Sponsor of the European Drupal Business Days. I’m sure that the next three days will be worth a multiple of the sponsorship fee.

We’re IT guys, so we’ll be more than happy for everyone who would like to talk to us. ;-) Especially if it’s about running small, medium or huge Drupal websites and in how many ways your website could benefit from running on our DrupalCONCEPT hosting platform. If you do want to meet us, drop us a line at info@freistil.it or send us a direct message on Twitter @freistil! Alternatively, simply look out for our green DrupalCONCEPT shirts!

The CxO Meetup on the first of the three conference days will be another Drupal event that benefits from Microsoft’s hospitality. To many, this may still sound odd, but I have experienced twice now how their representatives manage to blend in and even add useful insight to the discussion. So, kudos to Microsoft for doing another kind of great hosting!

Thanks also to the nice folks at ProPeople for organizing the conference!

It seems that the weather will be nice in Vienna, so that’s one more reason to look forward to the Drupal Business Days. See you there?