Hey DrupalCon, drinks are on us!

Published 2016-09-16 by Jochen Lillich

Alright, we’ve booked the party venue, got the drink vouchers printed — now all that’s left is for you to show up!

If you are attending DrupalCon Dublin, we’d love to meet you at the freistilbox Happy Hour on Wednesday night! And where else would we celebrate DrupalCon in Ireland and the launch of our new Drupal hosting plans than at one of Dublin’s finest pubs? Join us for some great craic — first few rounds will be on us!

There’s limited space, so we’re keeping the venue a secret until right before the party. Make sure to sign up early to get our invitation email!

It might also be worth a try to chat with Jochen at the freistilbox booth on Tuesday (only!). Maybe you’ll be able to tease something out of him ahead of time?

(Image ‘Alluring glow’ by Brendan Atkins)