¡Hola, free DrupalCONCEPT developer instances!

Published 2012-06-15 by Jochen Lillich

We are sponsoring Drupal Dev Camp Barcelona 2012

The Drupal Developer Days conference in Barcelona started today, and our Drupal architect Markus is there to give a talk about “ Staging with Git and Drush”.

Just in time for this big meeting of Drupal developers, we’ve got a new offer: free development instances !

Every development instance comes with its own Git repository, database, and Apache Solr core. They’re hosted on a shared DrupalCONCEPT PRO cluster, so these development instances offer great availability – no more worries that your dev server might die right before the project deadline! Since the only limitation for development instances is that they can’t be assigned an official domain name, they are an ideal solution for developing and testing your Drupal website.

How do you get your free DrupalCONCEPT development instance? It’s easy:

*Go to our order form,

*choose “PRO-DEV”,

*get started and have fun!

The Drupal Developer Days will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and practices with Drupal devs from all over the world and we at freistil IT are happy to be a sponsor of the event! We wish all participants a successful conference and great days in sunny Catalonia!