Introduction to Sensu at OSMC 2014

Published 2014-12-18 by Jochen Lillich

Last month, Netways held their annual Open Source Monitoring Conference. System engineers from Germany and abroad came to Nuremberg to learn more about tools that help us better understand our IT infrastructure.

Netways was gracious enough to invite me as a speaker and the video of my talk just became available. I gave an introduction into Sensu, a great monitoring framework that we started to use when Nagios could not handle our steadily growing number of checks any more.

I had a lot of fun at OSMC. Netways not only did a good job in selecting interesting talks by competent speakers but also went to great lenghts with the catering during the day and an awesome conference dinner. For me, OSDC and OSMC also are welcome opportunities to meet former colleagues again, and OSMC 2014 didn’t disappoint in this regard either.

Next year, OSMC will have its 10th anniversary and I’m looking forward to both the conference and the party!