Monthly sum-up for February 2014

Published 2014-03-20 by Jochen Lillich

February put an end to the quiet time at the beginning of the year. We went into our final preparations for moving our business to our Ireland-based company freistil IT Ltd. From April on, all our services will be provided – without any changes in quality or technology – by our new company. We’re very excited about this new phase in our company’s development!

We kickstarted our community engagement by visiting DrupalCamp London. With about 600 attendees, it was an impressively big event for a local DrupalCamp. Discussions at the CxO meet-up and conversations during the whole event made us realise that we need to ramp up our marketing efforts because most people seem to know only the two US providers for Drupal hosting. We think this needs to change. ;-)

Taking the opportunity of Markus and me being at the same place, we stayed for another two days after DrupalCamp for our Q1 board meeting. Inspired by Marc Benioff’s book “Behind the Cloud”, we worked on defining our company’s key vision, values, methods, obstacles and metrics. I’m going to write some more about that at a later time. Culture is an important part of business and these basic aspects will be the foundation on which we’re going to grow our company.###freistilbox

Our hosting platform keeps growing steadily, with now 266 websites running on freistilbox (January: 233, +14%). We’re happy to see our availability improving as Pingdom reports a total uptime of 99,97% (January: 99,94%). Last month, we expected our traffic to cross the 10 TB mark, and it did so with an impressive 30% jump from 9.6 TB to 12.5 TB!

###Help Center

Probably mostly because of the short month, our technical support numbers are a bit lower than in January. We received 149 new support requests (January: 181) and resolved 127 (January: 140). The ticket backlog was 35 (January: 41).

This month, our average resolution time came in at 22.6h, nowhere near the insane 250h in January. We managed to answer 43% of new tickets within an hour (Jan: 45%) and another 23% within 8h (Jan: 28%). 15% of new requests were answered within 24h (Jan: 8%) and the remaining 20% took us longer.

We’re glad to report that our customers’ support satisfaction remained at 100%.


In February, we grew the number of servers to 282 (Jan: 264, +7%). We’re now collecting 107,706 metrics in our monitoring system (Jan: 99,518). The number of on-call alerts went down to 1397 (Jan: 1781, –27%) and we’re working on improvements that will lower this number even more significantly.

###Other notable stuff

In February, I celebrated my 44th birthday. It was my first birthday party in Ireland. It feels good to get settled in, and having freistil IT based in Ireland now, too, will make me feel at home here even more. I’m very excited to see how my life and work will develop over the coming months!