Monthly sum-up for January 2014

Published 2014-02-07 by Jochen Lillich

Starting with January, we’re going to post a monthly summary that will give you a bit of insight into what’s happened at freistil IT.


On our managed hosting platform, we’re now hosting 233 websites for which Pingdom reported an average availability of 99.94%. When we take into account that some of our customers chose to run their sites on a single box and/or near the maximum capacity of their cluster, this is a good result.

Our edge routers delivered a total traffic volume of 9.611 TB in January. Let’s see if we’ll crack the 10 TB threshold in February!

Help Center

In January, we received 181 support requests. We solved 140, leaving a backlog of 41 tickets (most of these are usually pending customer response). Our average reaction time in this month is… catastrophic. A single request that went unanswered for half a year because it was covered elsewhere launched our average response time to a whopping 250 hours. When we break reaction time down into categories, you can see that this is an absolute outlier. Of all support requests in January, we answered:

  • 45% within the first hour,
  • 28% in 1–8h,
  • 8% in 8–24h, and
  • for only 19%, it took us longer than 24h to react.

We’re very happy that the support feedback we got was 100% positive. Here are some notable comments:

  • “Competent feedback as always.”
  • “Super!”
  • “Fast and reliable!”
  • “freistil is always there when you need them.”


Our team is taking care of 264 servers, resulting in an average of 132 servers per system administrator. We think that’s quite respectable.

Each minute, our monitoring system processes 99518 separate metrics. In January, it sent 1781 alerts to the on-call engineer. This is an enormous amount, 54% more than in December. There were no significant outages during this month, though. Like with our support request reaction time, this value is so high because of an anomaly for which we needed to adapt our alert thresholds first.

Community engagement

Jochen attended the first Drupal Dublin meet-up in the new year. The group was treated to some detailed peeks behind the curtains of a huge museum website.

Other notable things

We signed the contract with our first employee! It took us quite some time to work out the right way to put our Results-Only Work Environment into legal writing, but now we’re excited for the first system administrator to join our team.

Overall, it’s been a good start into 2014 and we’re highly motivated to make it a great year!

Any questions? Please post them in the comments!