Monthly sum-up for March 2014

Published 2014-04-07 by Jochen Lillich

And just so, the first quarter of 2014 has passed. Wow, time flies when you’re busy. And busy we were!

Our conference schedule for this year is so packed that we need to distribute events within the team. In March, while I visited Szeged, Hungary, and enjoyed the community feeling at the Drupal Developer Days, Markus attended DevOpsCamp Nuremberg. DevOps is at the core of our business, so DevOps Days and DevOps Camps are ideal opportunities for us to exchange experiences with other IT specialists and also gain new inspiration.


Our managed hosting platform freistilbox keeps growing and now hosts 282 websites (Feb: 266, +6%). Our total uptime was 99.93% (Feb: 99,97%) and with 11.96 TB, our website traffic came up to about the same level as in the previous month (Feb: 12.5 TB).

We’re working hard every day to keep our promise, “Work efficiently, sleep peacefully.” And it’s feedback like this customer’s that always makes our day: “Pingdom reports 99.99% availability of our cluster for March. Thank you.”

Help Center

In March, we achieved a great improvement in tech support quality. While ticket traffic resembled the one in February, our reaction times were substantially better.

We got 150 support requests (Feb: 149) and were able to resolve 126 tickets (Feb: 127), leaving a backlog of 48 (Feb: 35). Our average first reply time came in at 16h, a whopping 31% less than last month (Feb: 23h). You can see the cause in the time breakdown: We shifted a significant part of “tickets we didn’t answer within 24h” to the 8h bracket. This month, we tackled 42% of all tickets within an hour (Feb: 43%) and 31% within 8h (Feb: 23%); together, this makes 73% of all incoming requests. The number of tickets answered within 24h stayed the same (Feb, Mar: 15%), and only 12% took us longer than 24h (Feb: 20%).

With these results, it’s not surprising that our customer’s satisfaction feedback stayed at 100% “good”. These are some of the comments we got from solved support requests:

  • “VERY fast and great support!”
  • “CSI Varnish ^^”
  • “Super fast response, thanks!”
  • “A kind of magique”

Customer happiness is our primary goal and we’re glad that we’re well on target here.


Since we’re able put existing capacity to more efficient use, we only added 2 new hosts to our infrastructure (Feb: 282). From all these hosts, we’re collecting 108,880 distinct health and performance metrics (Feb: 107,706) — every 10 seconds.

The number of on-call notifications decreased further to 1122 (Feb: 1397, –20%). This number doesn’t mean that we experience an outage every 40 minutes on average. We’re quite happy that the biggest part of these alerts get automatically resolved within minutes because the issue (for example a high system load) was only short-lived. As soon as we get to fine-tune our alert thresholds, the number of notifications will go down significantly.

All in all, it’s been a great month and a successful first quarter. We’re looking forward to what’s coming next!