Published 2011-11-22 by

Many Drupal users that have been running a website for a while have made the painful experience that a) usual shared hosting plans don’t offer enough resources and b) more powerful dedicated servers cause a heap of maintenance headaches.

That’s why we built a new Drupal hosting product line: A fully managed Drupal VPS called DrupalCONCEPT POWER.

Like our existing hosting platforms DrupalCONCEPT PRO and DrupalCONCEPT ELITE, the DrupalCONCEPT POWER VPS is a turnkey Drupal web hosting solution that has everything you need to run a high performance Drupal website:

  • You get a pre-configured hosting infrastructure including Varnish, APC, Memcache and Apache Solr.
  • Thanks to our Git-based deployment mechanism, you can easily integrate the hosting of your website into your development process.
  • When your website and its requirements grow, we can in many cases simply assign your VPS more resources with a simple reboot.
  • Our operations team takes care of the complete management of the hosting infrastructure.

So, if you want guaranteed capacity but don’t need the high availability features of DrupalCONCEPT PRO or the horizontal scalability of DrupalCONCEPT ELITE, our new DrupalCONCEPT POWER VPS is the most cost-effective solution for hosting your Drupal website.

Find details and prices on our DrupalCONCEPT POWER page!