Roasted in Edinburgh

Published 2012-05-27 by Jochen Lillich

I’m writing this post on my flight back to Germany from DrupalCamp Scotland, which took place on 25 and 26 May in Edinburgh. I had been invited to take part in a panel with major Drupal hosting providers and had responded happily with “Challenge accepted!”

The Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh was an ideal venue for DrupalCamp Scotland. There was enough space for sessions and meet-ups, and with all those coffee shops, pubs and beer gardens in the vicinity catering for students, we could easily continue our talks over a latte or a beer. Speaking of catering: Nobody had to go home hungry thanks to tasty sandwiches for lunch, and tea, coffee and cake during all the breaks. The second conference day even concluded with an assortment of ales sponsored by the Williams Brewery!

The DrupalCamp programme was interesting and diverse. On the first day, titled “Drupal for Business”, people mainly learned about Drupal and its advantages. Jeremy “Jam” McGuire set the tone in his introductory note by describing how Drupal fits neatly into the successful open source ecosphere of projects and businesses. Other sessions were about e-commerce, project management and social media.

On Saturday was the official DrupalCamp and it got more technical with sessions like “Storage API”, “Symfony: An Introduction” and “Entities Everywhere”.

For a final session titled “Roast of the Hosts”, the Drupal Scotland team had put together a panel of three Drupal hosting specialists, namely Acquia, Pantheon and freistil IT. Jakub Suchy, Josh Koenig and myself each had 5 minutes to present our hosting platforms and then answered questions from the audience. I’m really, really proud that our DrupalCONCEPT platform was considered to be part of this panel and I had great fun – on the panel as during the whole DrupalCamp.

So, many thanks to all the organizers at Drupal Scotland for their efforts! And since Edinburgh is a great city, too, I’m sure that this won’t have been my last visit to Scotland!