Say hi to Philipp, our first employee!

Published 2014-05-05 by Jochen Lillich

We’re very happy to welcome Philipp Kaiser as our first full-time employee! As an experienced system administrator, Philipp will help us get our IT operations backlog shortened to a more human size, and to get new, innovative changes out of the door more quickly.

Did you know this is actually the second time I’ve hired Philipp? Back in 2004, as the new IT team lead “CRM, Billing and WEB.Cent” at WEB.DE, I got him to join my team as its second member. During his interview, he had impressed me by how he handled the stress at the place where he did his apprenticeship as a Qualified IT Specialist. I was responsible for a bunch of business-critical systems and thought “If he’s lived through this, he’ll be able to survive here, too.” He did much more than just survive and I enjoyed working with him during several years.

As sysadmin #1 at freistil IT, Philipp will be responsible for business-critical systems, too — business-critical not only for us but especially for our customers. And I’m 100% sure he’ll be doing a great job.

The day-to-day in our distributed team at freistil IT will be quite different from what he’s used to and we’re well aware that there’s a learning curve waiting for all of us. That’s exactly what makes running freistil IT so exciting for me. Learning is one of our core values, and every new employee will notice this quickly. From his time back at WEB.DE, Philipp is already used to the concept of the Ops Bootcamp which we’ve implemented at freistil IT: In this programme spanning several weeks, we’re going to introduce him to all important aspects of his job from Asana to zsh. At the same time, he’ll already be working on internal projects and support requests.

So, welcome, Philipp, and thanks for joining our team! Cheers — to a lot of fun!