This week at freistil IT (week #159)

Published 2013-04-19 by Jochen Lillich

3 times 52 is 156 – hey, we’ve had our three-year anniversary just recently! Shouldn’t there have been a celebration or something?

From Tuesday to Thursday, Jochen visited Nuremberg for the Open Source Datacenter Conference (OSDC) where he’s been a regular attendant and speaker for some years now. OSDC is a great conference to learn about interesting open source software projects for IT operations and to exchange experiences with other professionals using OSS in the datacenter. Jochen came back with a long list of ideas how we can improve both our daily work and the services we offer to our customers.

For the rest of the week, Jochen had his focus on our recruiting. We’ve received some interesting new applications for our sysadmin job offer and we’ll make sure not to delay checking if they’re a good fit.

Meanwhile, Markus took care of our existing IT infrastructure and our customers. Behind the scenes, he worked on adding geo-replication to our storage clusters which will come in handy for a number of purposes when it’s ready for production. As he’s getting more involved in our marketing, he also made some preparations for the Drupal Dev Days which we’re supporting as Gold Sponsor.

Next week, we’re both going to meet with a business coach for a one-day sales and marketing workshop. Getting external support on running our company is something we still need to get used to and we’re excited to see what results this workshop will bring.