Weeknote #499

Published 2019-10-25 by Jochen Lillich

I’m happy to be back on the conference circuit. For WordCamp, I only had to call a taxi, but I’m going to enjoy the flight to DrupalCon, too. I’m also quite proud of the new database cluster we’ve built for one of our enterprise customers.

As mentioned in our recent post, we’ve ramped up our conference participation again. Last weekend, I attended WordCamp Dublin and presented on “How to build up resilience and keep burnout at bay”. This weekend, I’m going to pack my bags for DrupalCon Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to talking about resilience again and to meeting some of our favourite customers. If you’d like to meet me, get in touch, I’d love to chat!

This week, we’ve put our most powerful database cluster ever into production operation. It’s a MySQL cluster running on bare-metal servers, each with 128 GB RAM and SSD hardware RAID storage. We’ve run benchmarks on it that reached a query-per-second throughput in the six digits range. Even though the actual web application use case will probably not reach the same numbers as the synthetic workload, it’s still going to deliver excellent performance and uptime. We’re excited to see this database go “VROOM” in daily operation! Since we’ve revamped our complete MySQL infrastructure code for this cluster, we’ll be able to easily (and much more quickly) launch similar database clusters as the need arises.

Looking up the number for this weeknote, I only just now realised that next week, freistil IT is going to be 500 weeks old. Well, I know where I’ll be celebrating!