Weeknote #501

Published 2019-11-08 by Jochen Lillich

We’re continuing with the conference theme.

This week, it was Markus who got to travel to Berlin for Velocity Conference. And judging from the retrospective he just gave me, it was a very interesting and inspiring event. Everything we do here at freistil IT relies on system automation and observability, two of the focus topics at Velocity. Learning about the ways other companies in our industry do things has always been a great way for us to improve our work as well as its result, the final product we get paid for. That’s why we’re going to show up at upcoming DevOps conferences, too.

We’re experimenting with new approaches to maintaining and publishing our user documentation. This week, the article Automated Enforcement of our Style Guide inspired me to add a writing style check to our CI pipeline.

I’m still getting lovely feedback on my talk about resilience and burnout at DrupalCon:

“My web team told me about your Drupalcon talk and I watched the YouTube recording yesterday. I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your talk, your honesty, humour, concrete advice, thank you.”

“I just watched the recording of your session. You are a great speaker, Jochen. Your topic and other topics about burnout are interesting.”

Finally, I didn’t find the time to write a weeknote last week, so I’ll mention it in this one: freistil IT is 500 weeks old! In these almost 10 years, lots of things have happened; back in 2010, I’d never have guessed where we are now. Since looking back is easier than predicting the future, I’ll keep documenting our journey in these weeknotes.