Weeknote #502

Published 2019-11-22 by Jochen Lillich

Even though I spent it mostly taking care of my family, it’s been an interesting week.

Someone had to look after our household while my wife was recovering from a cold, and that someone was me. That didn’t leave me with much time to do DevOps work. Fortunately, freistil IT has always had a “family first” policy when it comes to work/life integration. While I still felt a bit frustrated that I didn’t get to make any progress on my goals, at least there was no reason to feel guilty.

In a long overdue AGM, I got reelected to the Drupal Ireland Association committee. That our new committee has more members than the one before makes me very happy. We’re going to have our inaugural video call next week to assign roles and talk about our new strategy for fostering the Drupal community in Ireland.

Playing with new tools is fun. We’ve always been running our own private cloud on bare-metal servers operated by Hetzner Online in Germany. Now that Hetzner also offers their own cloud product, we’ve started to use it for a few singular use cases. And I have to say it’s really fun that we’re able to spin up a whole cluster of machines, have them set up in our system management and integrated into our usual ops processes with a single terraform command. I’m pretty sure that Hetzner Cloud will play a big role in our infrastructure in 2020.