Weeknote 520

Published 2020-03-27 by Jochen Lillich

Here’s an update on what’s been going on at freistil IT recently.

At freistil IT, we’re feeling the constraints the pandemic puts on our lives just like everybody else. One big advantage we have is that we’re set up perfectly for working from home and practicing social isolation because our company has been remote-only for its whole existence. But even with fully equipped home offices, we still have to adapt to sharing the house with the whole family 24/7, home-schooling kids, to having fewer social contacts and spending less time outside than we’re used to. While we might not be at our usual level of productivity, our business is fully operational. And most importantly, we have the fortune of being healthy. If there’s one thing we’re learning now is that the value of our health can’t be overstated.

Most of our work these days happens behind the scenes in our “engine room”; we’re gradually updating and refactoring our infrastructure code for better maintainability. That’s an essential trait when it comes to a steadily growing infrastructure spanning more than 500 Linux hosts.

However, we’ve also finished some customer-facing work: Our new freistilbox documentation website went online this week! It seems that replacing our documentation website every two or three years has become a tradition of sorts for us. The new website has a cleaner layout and doesn’t rely on an external search service anymore. We also expect it to incite making updates more often.

That’s it for this week. Stay home. Stay safe.