Weeknote #84

Published 2011-11-15 by Jochen Lillich

Last week was a special one.

Jochen had the first week off after a very long time without vacation. And I had to take care of all the work alone. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I underestimated almost everything.

As a result, the only day on which I could do “normal work” like site building for a customer was Thursday. On the days before, I was overwhelmed by support requests, coming in either via email or phone calls. I really wanted to do this job as best I could, so I guess I forgot my organizational skills and put support requests above everything else. Which resulted in some happy customers, but an exhausted me.

Since this was a really demanding week, we’ll have to learn from that and organize some stuff differently. Customer support has to work better even if one central person is missing, and all other, no less important, work has to keep going on as well. We will implement some rules and processes to improve our workflows and make sure that both our customers and ourselves stay happy.

In the end it actually was rewarding as well, having gotten so much positive feedback. Thanks for that!